Holiday API

THE public holiday API service


The public holiday API service

Holiday API is the only service offering it's powerful data completely free of charge. Explore all the opportunities it creates and implement it to your project, before next public holiday!

Thinking big

With all the simplicity of our API comes all the power. Unlimited possibilities are brought to you with unlimited opportunities your project can utilise the API.


We're running on our top-notch server architecture supported with CDNs and powerful caching solutions guarantee you speed and safety of implementing it in your project with no fear of slowing it down.


Do you need to find if a bank in Indonesia will process your transfer or maybe want to prevent your employees to book holidays close to public holidays? Everything and much more you can do with endless possibilities offered by our API. Check out use cases to get inspired!

Enterprise reliability

We use advanced algorithms to calculate all the dates for relative public holidays. This, paired with amazing stability offered by our CDN and infrastructure makes the biggest brands on the world to trust us. Be one of them and use our API in your projects!

How it works

Currently, the only endpoint available is /v1/holidays. You are allowed to perform only GET requests.
For further description of available parameters and formats, read the documentation.


Supported countries

Our goal is to cover all the countries in the world. Although, the process is long and complicated, so does algorithms and all the rules for public holidays in many countries, so it will take some time. Here are the countries we currently fully support:

Give it a try

Holiday API is the most painless and easy-to-use RESTful service you'll be dealing with in your entire life! It's so easy it may eventually get boring using it. Enterprise-level stability and reliability of our service is our top focus, that's why many corporations loved it.

We measure trust in happy users

Got a minute? Join us, it's free!


We try to be transparent as possible and answer any question asked. If you have any further questions not covered here, do not hesitate to drop us a question!

Is there any rate limit?

Not at the moment. We're not planning to implement one unless the traffic will be very heavy and demanding, threatening our reliability and stability.

Why is the service free?

We are operating on an existing infrastructure used for our main project - Amaranth CRM. Therefore, we're not having any cost of running Holiday API and we can do something good to the world by offering this amazing service completely free of charge.

How can I support you?

There are many ways you can support our initiative. You can send us any amount of financial support that will be used to buy some pizza and rocket salad to help us maintain the service, or you can contact us and help us spread to more countries.